Contemporary Paper Bindings

Contemporary Paper Bindings


A guide to bookbinding techniques, tools, and materials
Hanmer, Karen. Glenview: Karen Hanmer Books, 2016.
130 pages, 11 x 8.5”

130 pages (soft cover)

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Contemporary Paper Bindings is a skill-building guide to bookbinding techniques, tools, and materials. Chapters on tools and supplies, ergonomics, signature preparation, endsheets, sewing, spine-lining, and working with case-weight papers precede complete instructions for crafting ten different paper binding structures. Each process is illustrated with numerous b&w photographs and diagrams. The manual ends with with a glossary and an extensive bibliography (many of the resources available online).

The ten paper bindings presented here can be constructed in a sparsely equipped studio with minimal specialized tools or equipment. Most can be made with little or no adhesive.

These structures can serve as an introduction to basic bookbinding techniques. More experienced practitioners will learn how features from multiple bindings can be combined to create a new, custom structure to meet the requirements of any project. The book is also a valuable resource for anyone teaching bookbinding.