Welcome to Colophon Book Arts Supply, your home for bookbinding, marbling, and related tools and supplies. Things continue to fall into place after the reins have been passed from Nancy to Mary and inventory has found its home in Bloomington, Indiana.

The new website has an online catalog and shopping cart for convenient quick ordering. Shipping is automatically calculated based on your location and the total package size and weight. Updates to the shop will happen daily so keep checking back for new or familiar items.

A note about large or international orders

Large orders: Because the website calculates shipping through a formula, large orders can sometimes get grossly overestimated shipping costs. To avoid unnecessary efforts, email large orders for a class or institution and I can make sure the shipping is charged accurately.

International orders: To solve the issue of shipping and international payment, email me your order along with your shipping address and an invoice will be emailed with accurate charges. (Paypal is available for this scenario!)

As always, contact us with any questions!


Upcoming Events:


Guild of Book Workers, Standards of Excellence

October, 24-29, 2017. Tacoma, Washington.

Colophon will see you at Standards!

Held annually at a different location around the country, participants attend presentations by leading experts in the fields related to the book and paper arts. Tours of binderies, conservation facilities, rare book libraries and papermaking establishments are regularly arranged in conjunction with the event. And oh yeah, the vendor room!