PVA, Jade 403

PVA, Jade 403

from 7.00

Polyvinyl Acetate

You can purchase by the pint and 1/2 gallon through the online shop, but please contact me by email or phone for a 5 gallon bucket.

1/2 pint $7.00* NEWLY AVAILABLE
1 pint $12.00
1/2 gallon $28.00
**5 gallon pail $238.00 (lid comes with a pour spout)
**can only be ordered via phone or email.

Shipped April-October and weather permitting the rest of the year (If the weather in your area is below freezing, your PVA will risk freezing)

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Clean any container you store your PVA in with a dilute bleach solution before using. Contaminated PVA could grow mold or spoil.