The Pocket Paper Engineer

The Pocket Paper Engineer

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Barton, Carol. Popular Kinetics Press.

V.1 67 pages, V.2 72 pages, V.3 71 pages (hard cover)

Card Packs: These are copies of the patterns in each book so you can keep the book intact.


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The Pocket Paper Engineer, Volume Oneis a lively how-to workbook that guides the reader through the process of designing and constructing basic pop-up forms. Filled with do-it-yourself models and easy-to-follow visual and verbal instructions, each form is illustrated with a playful pull-out card that can be cut and assembled, then stored in a pocket within the book. Also included are instructions for creating your own pop-ups, production tips, and discussions about paper, adhesives, and pop-up mechanics. This is a workbook for adults and children alike who are seeking some creative fun!

The Pocket Paper Engineer, Volume Two, covers four important glued pop-up structures: platforms, props, spirals and straddles. These forms are used in many of the fabulous pop-up books on the market today. As in Volume 1, projects can be detached from the workbook for construction, then stored in pocket pages within the book. Ten projects are included, along with lots of lively illustrations and design tips. This is a workbook for adults and children alike who want to hone their paper engineering skills.

The Pocket Paper Engineer, Volume Three, covers the most amazing V-Fold pop-up and it's many variations. The V-fold is a very dramatic form that rises in a whoosh to tower vertically above the page. Ten do-it-yourself projects can be constructed right out of the book. There is also a special section on pop-up production methods. This is the final workbook in the series, covering some of the more challenging pop-ups structures. 6 x 9.5 inches, 73 pages, wire-O bound in a hard cover. 

All Three Practice Pop-Up Card Sets. For those who would rather not cut the cards out of your books or who need more cards for a class or for practice, extra card sets are available. Each set includes all the cards in one workbook. You can purchase sets individually for each book.

--popular kinetics press