Bookbinding and Conservation

Bookbinding and Conservation


Etherington, Don. Oak Knoll Press, 2010.

180 pages (hard cover)

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This new autobiography by renowned bookbinder Don Etherington takes the reader through his lifelong journey of bookbinding and conservation. Etherington documents his experiences teaching these trades and traveling throughout Europe and to the United States. He tells of his generous contribution to the conservation effort in Florence, Italy, following the great flood that caused incredible damage to thousands of books. Bookbinding and Conservation is a unique account of the personal and professional life of this important figure in the world of binding and conservation. Etherington's memoirs contain numerous personal photographs that richly illustrate his story. The autobiography is followed by a pictorial catalogue of many of Etherington's fine bindings. This book is an excellent pick for anyone interested in bookbinding and the lives of major bookbinders.

--Oak Knoll